Research & Development (R&D)

Research and development (R&D) are among the core areas of expertise required in the NDT environment and are the reason for DEKRA industrial’s excellent reputation and status as a leading NDT and inspections entity.

In close cooperation with the overseas parent company, we participate in national and international R&D programmes in cooperation with universities and leading R&D organisations. For example, DEKRA’s live, interactive, totally electronic, cloud-based NDT quality management system (QMS), which speeds up accurate report generation, has its origins in Sweden. Due for rollout by the year-end, is a cloud based, DEKRA NDT reporting version of this tool for our clients. These capabilities are market differentiators and are all significant benefit to clients.

DEKRA is active in a variety of testing programs and innovations, including the application of drones in windfarm inspections, the procurement and roll-out of intricate hardware and software systems required to address the development of new products and communications systems, mainly test systems, in the field of new mobile and wireless communications technologies, communications systems and RFID, amongst others, which are the basis of the Internet of Things (IoT).

DEKRA Institute of Learning is furthermore investigating the viability of live streaming/digital learning to complement its classroom-based, online and remote offerings.

We are continuously investigating options for advancement in an environment that is dynamic and evolving. We are constantly assessing where new technologies can be implemented and investing in the most up-to-date equipment to enhance HSE protocols within the NDT scenario and the broader scope of everyday living, in a technological world, including aerospace, the automobile sector and industry as a whole.

DEKRA Industrial is one of the few industrial inspection companies to provide a combination of non-destructive testing (NDT), destructive testing, inspection, advanced and mechanised NDT, and asset integrity management services. We are also supported by DEKRA Service Division from Europe, where DEKRA in Sweden is the market leader in nuclear inspections, with their own R&D department.

DEKRA ensures uniform testing quality at the highest level worldwide through close and regular collaboration with our international parent company and HSE-related courses undertaken by the DEKRA Institute of Learning. This applies similarly to standard NDT tests as well as to special and mechanised test methods.