Donovan Vermeulen, the Area Manager for Gauteng takes us through what his role entails and find out what it’s like to work at DEKRA Industrial, and more…

It is my duty as Area manager to oversee operations and services of the entire Gauteng operational area, which include the Vaal and Reef branches. I direct the day-to-day branch/area operations and schedules for technicians.

Assisting in full-capacity services utilisation, I monitor that the correct technician, with the appropriate and requisite qualifications is allocated to the correct job.

As a qualified Level 2 NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) technician, with competencies in Radiographic Inspection Level 2, Magnetic Particle Inspection Level 2 and Penetrant Testing Inspection Level 2, I can analyse each service appraisal when required and provide support and problem solving for team members.

As a budget owner for Gauteng area, I am also responsible for maintaining and exceeding sustainable growth. I therefore ensure that we monitor, meet and surpass our sales and services forecasts.

I started working for DEKRA Industrial in October 2011 as a PMI (Positive Material Identification) technician at the Vaal Branch (then known as Raysonics, prior to its acquisition by DEKRA). In 2013, I was transferred to the Kusile Power Station Project as a multi-skilled technician, before being appointed General Operations Manager in 2016, to oversee the general operations division.

From 2018 I served as the Reef Branch Manager in the Vaal, before being appointed as Gauteng Area Manager at the beginning of this 2021.

I find true satisfaction in securing services for new customers and in receiving positive, satisfactory feedback on work well done. I take pride in knowing that DEKRA Industrial aims to provide the best services in inspection, non-destructive testing, material testing, laboratory services, advanced NDT, expert assessments, and certification services.

A brief peek into a working day
Despite no two days being the same, my day starts off with checking and managing the daily schedules for the technicians and scheduling new site visits as required. As daily requests, quotations, and client queries come in, I will assist in quotation requests, as well as managing sales and service invoicing.

Before the end of the day, invoices and scheduling for the next day must be approved.

Each day I aim to keep a positive attitude, be open-minded and give 100% in all my efforts, responsibilities and work. I live by the motto of ‘taking and facing’ any work, challenges and successes day by day, and as they come.

When I consider key milestones at DEKRA Industrial, my appointment as General Operations Manager for the Kusile power project was monumental.

As I performed this job to the best of my abilities, the hard work paid off and this position provided a transformative platform for new skills development - and opened new doors to opportunities which subsequently enabled me to attain my long-term goal of becoming an Area Manager.

The valuable experience which I gained during that time is still applicable today, and I still use it to enhance and maintain our client relationships. I look forward to building more strong, successful and satisfactory client relationships in future!