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DEKRA Industrial RSA - Advanced & Mechanized NDT


Corrosion Monitoring:

Digital radiographic and Isotope - based methods enables us to detect any kind of corrosion related indications. These methods enable a corrosion
monitoring without the time and cost consuming disassembling of the insulation. The Lixi Profiler utilises a Gadolinium 153 isotope, it can also be used for the identification of welds or blockages in piping systems

Tankfarm Services

Condition monitoring of flat bottom storage tanks. Floor – Scanning corrosion monitoring by different methods MFL/EC. Wall thickness measurement for the tank walls. Volume of storage tanks and retention ponds by 3 D laser. Indication of deformations by 3D laser. Inspection of the tank farms based on water- and explosion - protection regulations of the different countries.

Turbine Condition Evaluation (single and multistage):

Turbines are exposed by high temperature and high stresses which leads to complex damage mechanisms. By using various testing procedures like ultrasonic, dye penetrant, magnetic particle our Team supports our customers to identify these deteriorations of the main components like:

  • Main steam Valves
  • Housings
  • Fastenerrs, bearings, sealing surfaces
  • Blade attachement areas (steeples, keyways)

Wall thickness measurement of boiler pipes:

FST-GAGE is a testing equipment that can be used on all electrically conductive specimens, when rapid and accurate analysis of the wall thickness is required:

  • Rapid inspection of large areas
  • High accuracy of measurement
  • Non-contact measurement, coupling medium is not required
  • Fast and accurate evaluation
  • Clearer and more meaningful report for a permanent tracking of periodic inspections

Guided Wave UT (long range):

Effective scanning method to analyze damage or corrosion in long pipe systems or similar structures. Especially in the area of insulated pipes an economic analysis of the critical areas without completely removing of the insulation is possible. 100% of the tube circumference is checked. This test method is more and more requested in an international environment.

Acoustic Eye:

Acoustic Eye is based on Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR). For the internal inspection of tubes id 8 – 104mm and length up to 20 m of heat exchangers, boilers, etc. made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics. Less than 10 seconds per tube, detected defects tube size. 8mm to 63,5mm:

  • Holes min diameter 1 mm
  • Blockages min 1% of cross section
  • Erosion min 5 % of wall thickness

DEKRA Industrial RSA

DEKRA Industrial RSA

DEKRA Industrial RSA

DEKRA Industrial RSA

DEKRA Industrial RSA

DEKRA Industrial RSA