This month Johan Loots, the Call Out and Lab Manager at DEKRA Middelburg takes us through what his role entails and find out what it’s like to work at DEKRA Industrial, and more…

It is my duty as manager to assist the clients in various aspects and this includes ensuring that the correct technician, with the right qualification and skillset is allocated to the correct job. I must be available for any client queries, quotations, HR and safety-related issue, as well as undertake day-to-day follow ups with clients to ensure that our good working relationship is maintained.

Assisting DEKRA technicians with their day-to-day tasks and problem solving is also part of my role and, as a budget owner of DEKRA Middelburg, it is my responsibility to ensure sustainable growth in the company.

I started working for DEKRA in February 1996 and come February 2021, it will be 25 years that I have proudly worked for this company. DEKRA Industrial has a history of firm family values, where ideas are valued and appreciated, where people enjoy working together and have good relationships with each other.

In my job, being client-facing brings its own unique challenges and finding the correct match with client and technician brings me great satisfaction, as does successfully juggling to assist multiple clients with the same requirements, at the same time!

I am very proud to know that we uphold the highest standards and quality and, at the end of the day, to know each member made it home safely thanks to our protocols and ethos.

A brief peek into a working day
The day starts off with a safety toolbox talk. After that, I will go through the job cards that are planned for the day and allocate the technicians to the relevant jobs. Job cards, reports and daily work must be approved by me and as client requests for new jobs come in, they will be booked throughout the day.

A portion of my day is spent reading and responding to mails and quotations and solving issues as they arise. Clients that have been booked are visited and assisted with any queries or issues that might need resolving.

Attending to technician queries and difficulties are also part of the day, and I advise and monitor as needed.

Come the end of the day, invoices and financials must be checked and approved and then I look forward to time at home.

If I had to think what I am most proud of in my job I would say that by making the goal of running a material testing laboratory a reality and, I also am very proud to be part of the DEKRA family for 25 years so far, and I look forward to another 25 years!